Sophie McCook

BBC Scriptwriter & Author of New Book Thinkless

IMG_9877Sophie McCook started writing in 2002 as a way of channel her natural tendency to fabricate, distort and fill embarrassing pauses with rubbish.

To some degree it worked; she has, as yet, no criminal record. She has brushed against the BBC, leaving some radio drama and quite a lot of bruises. She also had an exciting period of signing option agreements with some of the worlds  biggest production companies. She wrote a lot of words, including the novel ‘Tiny Chapters on the Run’.

The one-chapter-a-day-book  was a literary sleight of hand, diverting attention from the fact she was about to flunk an English Literature degree.

Now retitled ‘Thinkless’, the same book is being published in May by Limehouse Press.


4 thoughts on “About Sophie

  1. Neil Wills (on writewords as Redgoose) says:

    HI, Just wanted to say I have really enjoyed reading about Miriam’s adventures in Suffolk. Very funny stuff and clever as well.

  2. Sabine says:

    Loved the draft version! Looking forward to reading about the sharpened up Miriam on Kindle.

  3. Gerry Hickson says:

    Why have I got a second hand ‘tiny chapters on the run’ dedicated by Sophie to her mum &dad. Have they lost it/ discarded it?

    1. Hi Gerry –
      I suspect this is one that I WAS going to give them, then forgot, then realised that I couldn’t give it to anyone else. Then it sat around for a while, then I decided to turn it in to a ‘freecycled book’ by leaving it in a public place. That was I could get over the guilt of owning an orphaned book, and also bringing (some) pleasure to a random reader.
      Where did you find it?? X

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