Sophie McCook

BBC Scriptwriter & Author of New Book Thinkless

This update is a double whammy of good stuff. On Monday I’m off to Fleet Street to meet Bobby of Limehouse Press, an up-and-coming publisher, to talk Tiny Chapters. I hope good things will come out of this meeting, but at the very least, I’m expecting to be told that Tiny Chapters needs a significant re-write. It’ll still be grubby and needy, but a better class of grub and need *hopes the author*.

My next bit of news is that the next book is in planning. I’ve decided to focus on the character from the last book who interested me most. Signe was a real mystery to me so I wanted to explore what makes her tic. This has led me down an increasingly odd, gothic, paranoid and delusional pathway into the woods of Sweden.


Signe’s childhood equipped her to deal with the dangers of the real world. Sent every winter to her grandparents’ cabin in the woods on the Swedish border, Solstrand was a midday dusk landscape of survival and superstition. Her grandfather fought wolves off with a rock. Her grandmother turned the cracks in the wall into moving stories. Electricity was cranked from a machine in the basement and you only got a bath when you’d lifted the all badger pelts out.
Now Signe’s on the run – escaping an obsessive husband, her own demons and her increasingly pregnant state. Solstrand is a fairy-tale nested inside a fairy tale, all about keeping wolves from the door.

This is going to be published online bi-weekly. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a comedy or not. It certainly will be odd….


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