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BBC Scriptwriter & Author of New Book Thinkless

First things first; Yes, the name of the book has reverted. I worried and angsted and felt uncomfortable about The Panic Ruminations. I put it to a vote and as everyone had a separate opinion, that left me more confused and insecure.
Then I had a lovely chat with, as it happens, the author Kevin McNeil. He has a lot of experience in title-making. He gave me useful advice but the short of it was, he didn’t like The Panic Ruminations. He said: ‘It sounds Latinate.’ I said ‘I don’t know what that means, but I think Panicky Ruminants sound like scary cows.’ He said ‘Hmmm yes. That too.’
His vote swung the change back to Tiny Chapters on the Run.

So there it is – and it’s in proper print now, so I can’t change it.

Next things next; Suddenly I’m tripping over myself to get things done. The date of the launch is now set for Monday 10th December at one of the most wonderful locations, the Moray Arts Center. If you know the Findhorn Foundation, it exactly the kind of building the foundation spawns, full of beautiful little vistas and nooks and spaces.
Although the evening on the 10th is a book launch, I really want it to be a big Thank You party for everyone who has put up with me and this project. It also has a wider function as a way of bringing local artists in contact with people who work across the country.

Here is the itinerary so far – There will be tiny tasty food nibbles and champagne from Aldi. There will also be a stage with astro turf and red velvet curtains. My actress friend Jilly (star of the first cover) will be bringing her take to some readings. And yet another friend, singer Jo Hamilton will be performing some new and old songs. In my dreams, I would also like to have a try-out clay pigeon shooting area outside, and also a petting zone with chickens and lambs. But I think those two would actually not go together easily. Or at all. Anyway, I am putting more planning and stress in to this now than my own wedding – I just want everyone to have a brilliant time.

But first, back to my invitation-making….am soaring on the fumes of spray mount. If you see me any time soon, don’t hug me because you will stick – Toxic is as toxic doesI am tacky. As ever…


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