Sophie McCook

BBC Scriptwriter & Author of New Book Thinkless

This is a HUGE version of my finalised cover! I am too tired to try and reduce it now. You just have to shimmy around the file if you care to see it all! The book is now going under the title of The Panic unless I can come up with a bright idea in the next week. ‘Panic’ looks good in this font, but I’m not too sure of it as my title.

This is going to go at the front of a print run I am doing of 400 books. But exciting news – I am talking to Limetree Press about The Panic (Ruminations etc).

This will mean things getting serious – and much more serious than I’m used to. But I’m busy crossing bridges as I meet them, especially as I know that in the writing world, bridges can sometimes disappear before you reach them.

By Jove I think she’s cracked it!



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