Sophie McCook

BBC Scriptwriter & Author of New Book Thinkless

Just when I think the book was just a figment of my imagination, things get a reality check. On Friday there’s going to be a ‘Book Cover Focus Group’ to help me decide. The contenders so far are here….

The modernist, 1984-style cover

Next is

This is to trick readers into thinking I'm Salman Rushdie

This is my line drawing – it’s taking itself a bit seriously. But it’s pretty

And finally, the one my mother likes best…..

It's simple and clear. But I can't help thinking it looks like the kind of artwork found on nearly every misery-lit book available.

It looks like a mistery-lit cover. It should be retitled ‘Mummy, why eggs? Why my boots?’

Anyway, by Friday evening I hope to be ready to press books. First step is to press enough to sell at the official belated book launch. I’m also going to use them as my first ammunition in my ‘pimp my book’ plan. Which is not really a plan, just an instinct to keep hurling the book at likely-looking readers.

One day soon maybe I’ll be able to start writing again….



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