Sophie McCook

BBC Scriptwriter & Author of New Book Thinkless

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‘Undependable, inconsistent, capricious, fickle, mercenary.’

“Bridget Jones meets Peep Show” in a novel that gives delicious comic insight into one female mind. Miriam is a twenty-first century heroine; feckless and glib, candid and comic. She’s the first person in three generations of her family not to go to university. She sees it as returning to her roots. They see her as lazy.

With no home, job or partner to her name she drifts at will, letting events happen to her – or more often – letting herself happen to events.

Thinkless is written by Sophie McCook, a screenwriter and editor. In 2011, while performing poorly on an Open University course she decided to write a novel, publishing one chapter a day for eighty days, eventually attracting a readership of thousands.

Thinkless is the outcome.